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What is the Tribe of Shabazz?

The Tribe of Shabazz is the name of the Original Family that settled on this part we call Earth after an attempt to destroy the population of the Earth by one of our scientists. The piece that was detached and blown away is what we call our Moon, today.


Where did The Tribe of Shabazz come from?

The Tribe of Shabazz was already here. They are the Original Family.


What does Shabazz mean?

Shabazz means "The Greater Takers". It also means "Royal Falcon". Shabazz is a name that signifies Royalty, a Noble.


Is the Tribe of Shabazz African?

The Tribe of Shabazz is not African. It’s not African because that was not the name of  that part of the world at the time. The Tribe of Shabazz is The Original Asiatic Man and Woman.


Where did Shabazz come from before going into the jungles of East Asia, what we now call Africa?


Shabazz came from what was known then as the Root of Civilization. It was located around the area of the rich Nile Valley region.


What made Shabazz go into the jungles of East Asia which we now call Africa?

Shabazz was dissatisfied with what he was seeing. He saw men he thought were just a little too soft. Shabazz was man with strength and power. As a child, he grew up with children who could not compete with him on a physical level. Shabazz was very athletic. So, his entire childhood was spent wanting friends who were as strong as he was. So, as an adult and being apart of the Circle of Scientist (Elders) he wanted to create a people that would be strong. A people that would be strong enough to master the wild beasts that lived in the jungles nearby.


Did Shabazz have the blessings of the other Elders?

No! The others thought that his idea was a foolish one. They knew that if they went into the jungle, they would be killed by the animals that lived there.


Did Shabazz go without the blessings of the Elders?

Yes. Shabazz took himself, his family, and all those willing to follow. Shabazz was not a foolish man. He made the decision to go into the jungles of East Asia after studying the animals that lived there, from a safe distance. No one knows how long he studied the animals and creatures of the jungle. But we do know he studied them first. After studying them for so long he believed he could live among them and master them.


What kind of food did Shabazz eat before going into jungles of East Asia?

Shabazz was living a lifestyle that was heaven. He ate the best of foods. He wore the best garments. He drank clean water. He probably listened to music as well.


Did Shabazz maintain the diet he had before going into the jungle?

No, he did not. The food in the jungle was very different from what he was accustomed to eating.


How did we look before going into the jungle?

The Honorable Elijah said that before Shabazz went into the jungles of East Asia, the hair on our head was like the hair we call eyebrows. It was long, black, and wavy. The features of our people changed after being there for so long and eating a different kind of food.


Is it safe to say that changing our diet, consuming the foods we found edible in the jungle, made us look different?

Yes! You are what you eat. But changing the diet of his followers is what made them physically stronger and faster. It also changed our appearance. We know longer looked weak and frail. The men no longer looked soft.



Was Shabazz successful?

Shabazz was successful. He was very successful by making us stronger than everyone else. He did learn to master the beast living in the jungle at that time. But Shabazz also left his descendants an example of what it will take to master the beast in human form and wearing uniforms. They have now become one of the beasts we need to look out for.


Did his decision change history?

Absolutely! It was approximately 50,000 years ago, when Shabazz, and we are the direct descendants of him, left the Root of Civilization for the jungles of East Asia. Every 50,000 years there is a universal change that takes place. And what Shabazz did was a universal change.

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