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The Vision

The Official Tribe of Shabazz seeks to serve the Indigenous Community and all of North America and the world as a beacon of light and leadership. A light just like the light of a light house providing a directional path for the captain of a ship to steer his ship safely to port in the mist of bad weather that makes it very difficult to see your way to safety. Today, in America the weather is very bad, it’s “Winter in America”, even in the summer. We will provide the leadership that serves as a beacon by utilizing our diverse skills and talents to create an environment where our people especially our children are motivated to achieve greatness and to empower our people to become self-sufficient shareholders in the economic and social fabric of

the communities we live and serve. We are committed to the intellectual development the Indigenous Family with laser like focus on the

development of our youth.

Mission Statement

The mission statement for the Official Tribe of Shabazz is very simple and it can be summed up into four letters, “F.E.E.D”.

F.E.E.D is an acronym that means Family, Education, Economics, Defense. We believe these are the cornerstones that must be carried into practice in order to be successful.

F: Family is the foundation of any society. If the family structure is strong, that feeds into the society and you will have a strong and healthy community. Family is the Foundation of Community.

E: Education is only as good as the information you are educating yourself with. We must have a true education dealing with the facts of life, not fiction. The world as we know it today is a world of fiction. It is a world of assumptions and presumptions, it’s not real. The foundation of the educational system of this present world, especially here in North America is based on lies, half-truths, deceit, murder and complete genocide and must be changed.

E: Economics for us, The Indigenous Family must become more about us. We have to begin doing business with each other on a mass scale to really see and benefit from the economic power we now have. It’s unfortunate that economic power we do have is constantly manipulated by those in power, that don’t necessarily have the power. The power is in the hands of the people. Control the people, you control the power.

D: Defending and protecting all that was previously mentioned is a must. History has shown us on too many occasions, our people losing everything they work so hard to build because they did not have a strong defense or strong enough. We’ve learned from the mistakes of the past and vow to never permit ourselves to be unprepared and trusting as we were in the past.

July 4, 1930


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